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Martha Jones, owner of Green Mosaics, combines her individual spirit and colorful artwork into creating unique and often humorous UpCycle Art for Home & Garden.

“Finding an object and changing its purpose, using only reused, recycled, found and gifted materials not only helps the environment but also adds art to our lives. Along with the grounding philosophy of recycling/reusing, materials are never sourced through retail chain stores. Use what’s here. Lessen the footprint.”

Martha is also an award-winning, published interior/architectural designer and owner of ENVISIONS WEST, formerly located in San Francisco, CA.  (

The training is evident through her use of composition, colors, and textures. High-end interior designer meets the salvage world. A perfect combination of creativity!

Martha’s Work is on Permanent Display

at  the Artworks Gallery
113 Mill St., Grass Valley, CA




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